“It’s Windows 7, not sabotage. Companies generally update their operating systems every five years o

There had been very few truly magicless persons in the history of the entire human race, and all of them were a Strange. Not demon-strange, or magic-strange, because they were the opposite – they were individuals so grounded in reality that they were cut off from everything that could not be determined by the first five senses. Magic was in everything, however; every living creature (even nulls) had at least some form of innate magic inside them, in the beat of their heart. But nulls were deaf to it. Nulls were deaf to what made life special.

A high percent of the human serial killers – those who weren't bad magic-crosses with too much demon blood in them (which made them notoriously mad) – were nulls. Nulls were sociopaths, psychopaths, dangerous. They were incapable of connecting with anyone who wasn't themselves, of having outside interests beside their own selfish desires. Collapse )

Ouran ♛ corner of woe

for the first time in her life, she wasn't fast enough.

-"There are no Knights in the real world, only scared kids."
-Dave Strider from Hold Your Colour

-""He socks him five or six times in the face before his knuckles split and he stops, Bro's nose bleeding and his eye squinting shut, and only when Dave's standing there over him panting does Bro meet his eyes.

"Sorry," his brother says with all the sad honesty in the world, and even with his face all beaten up like that, a smile still works its way into his eyes, proud and relieved to see so much intense feeling still in this kid he'd raised for so long.

Dave swallows. He's not used to seeing Bro's eyes, seeing all the transparent emotion hidden behind his shades, and Dave's knees give out too. "Yeah," he says, a little spooked that he had that violence inside him; guilty too because he's been mad for so long, so damn long, and it wasn't Bro's fault but he took it out on him anyway. "You okay?"
-Dave Strider and Bro Strider from Hold Your Colour

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birds ☂ flying from your hands


-""I'm pretty sure we can improvise," she says. "Even if it's a lot more boring than wizard slash."

"Fuck off, Harley, my left sock is more exciting than your girly goddamn wizard slash."

"Prove it," Jade says, that goofy grin of hers shining like anything, setting his heart off like a nuclear reaction, meltdown, overload.
-Jade Harley and Dave Strider from Symmetrical Opposites, part 1

-"bros before trolls, man."
-John Egbert from But I'm a Friendleader!, part 2

-"You really like the way his cheeks light up with rage, like he's a little pink and gray lightblub, or a dusty easter candy that's been under the couch for three years. It's terrible because it always makes you want to reach out and poke them and maybe make a hilarious “boop”ing noise when you do it. He'd be so “furious”.

But you mean that in a totally straight way.
-John Egbert and Karkat Vantas from But I'm a Friendleader!, part 3-4

-"“KARKAT, DON'T PANIC BECAUSE I AM PANICKING AND WE BOTH CAN'T PANIC.” you say as you whirl around and grab his shoulders. You shake him a few times too because no, no, no, you are not ready to be gay and maybe you can shake all the beautiful out of him."
-John Egbert and Karkat Vantas from But I'm a Friendleader!, part 7

-"He is, without a doubt, not homosexual. He made sure that everybody understands that.

Then why is it that when Karkat sends him messages he gets irrationally excited and giddy. Why is it that when Karkat shakily demands to know why he’s covered in blood he has strange pains in his heart, pains different to the grief he already feels there. Why is it that when Karkat says that he wish he could make things better, wipe his tears away, hold him, it only makes him cry more, because he knows that Karkat isn’t here. Karkat
can’t make things better, can’t comfort him, tell him it’s going to be alright, because he doesn’t even exist in this universe. There are only grey words swimming through his tears."
-John Egbert and Karkat Vantas from Whoops, part 1 (wip)

-"What’s the big deal anyway? He’s allowed to talk to his friend, because that’s what fellow friendleaders do – they make plans together, talk about the future, and if they do comfort each other, if Karkat does let his head bang into John’s shoulder once or twice when he’s tired and angry and frustrated, resting for that brief moment in-between the shadows of the lab room computers, it is in a totally manly way.

And if John holds Karkat's head close, impulsively runs his fingers through thick black hair and tells him that everything is going to be okay, it's only because that's what it takes to comfort the both of them.
-John Egbert and Karkat Vantas from Whoops, part 3 (wip)

-"So there is no barrier of grey and blue text and only the lines of small hands and the texture of dark hair and salty tears."
-John Egbert and Karkat Vantas from Whoops, part 7 (wip)
amused ★ popcorn gif

"Of course they're fucking not," says Karkat. "We ate it all."

-"By the end of City Of Angels John is one hundred percent convinced Karkat will throw in the sweaty, off-white towel. There are pinkish traces on his cheeks, and now he’s sitting up holding his knees and looking like he was made hollow and packed back up with something loose and light like popcorn crumbs. “Right,” he says, “right. Go to hell and die in a raging chemical fire, Egbert. Now we watch one of my movies.”"
-John and Karkat from How Karkat Vantas learned to stop worrying and love Con Air, part 4

-"There are still squashed butterfly pieces of popcorn hanging around, and he picks one up from its spot underneath his arm. John Egbert walks it up the skinny troll sternum of the other boy’s chest. Karkat watches with the strangest expression on his face, "Do you think," he says dreamily, "that it's possible anyone else is doing the exact same thing at this very moment?"

"Of course they're fucking not," says Karkat. "We ate it all."
-John and Karkat from How Karkat Vantas learned to stop worrying and love Con Air, part 8
Pokémon ☉ drifloon - you & me

like it’s definitely pushing the boundaries of lady friendship

-"Rose and I have a Luke and Leia thing going on, not Donny and Marie and babe, are we seriously having a discussion about whether or not I've had sex with my own sister?"
-Dave from Bad Relationships: Dave

-"That was when you thought that Rose Lalonde was anything that could be solved. You know better now; Rose is all smoke and mirrors, endless refractions of light with no point of origin."
-Rose from Bad Relationships: Rose

-"You meet the most Amazing Girl.

You meet the most Amazing Girl and you capitalize it when you tell everyone.

You meet the most Amazing Girl in a park where she's strumming her base carelessly, eyes shut and cute little buck teeth kneading at her lip as she tilts her head back and forth the an imagined beat.
-Jade from Bad Relationships: Jade

-"You ask about her and he doesn't answer. Instead he kisses you and changes the subject. Two weeks later he's dropped out of University and booked a flight for South America."
-John from Bad Relationships: John

-"Good morning swim team ladies, you swim ‘em real good at practice, win us a big plastic trophy next week, kay? If you’re just joining us, like my sleepy-eyed mermaids waking up out there, let me paint you a verbal picture of what’s going down in the studio, and I do mean down. Imagine if you will a punk rock cyborg troll with absurd headgear crawling around on hand and aluminum alloy knee, scrambling after a pile of Prince cassettes he knocked over a minute ago. No copy of Purple Rain or That Retarded Symbol will escape his dragnet of the floor here. Can’t quite describe the level of dedication going into this task. Oh wait here we go, dude is crawling under my legs- hey watch the horns- to snatch up that- what is that? Hold it up, bro. New Power Generation? Yeah you just go ahead and throw that in the trash. And there he goes………..."
-Dave and Tavros from Broadcaste System, part 2a

-"“If you let me bleed out like… this… I will honest to god haunt you for the rest of your life.” And then its eyes close, its breathing grows shallow, and John realises that he’s waiting patiently for him to kill him."
-Karkat and John from Never Trust a Troll, part 8b (wip)

-"Uh… uhhhh. A very close relationship. When it seems like Kanaya is ready to leave, Rose stands and shoulders her small bag as well, and the troll walks over what John assumes would be a parting hand shake, or maybe a hug. If trolls were into that touchy feely kind of thing.

But his mind short circuits because it seems trolls must be
really into that touchy feeling kind of thing because Kanaya leans down close and kind of brushes her lips against Rose’s cheek and oh whoa John has to avert his eyes because his face is burning like crazy. And even though he’s a touchy feely guy too there is something more to this, like it’s definitely pushing the boundaries of lady friendship, especially when he sees the Rose girl holding on to the taller troll’s forearms and saying something really quietly."
-John, Rose, and Kanaya from Never Trust a Troll, part 11d (wip)

-"“You ripped that off from Harry Potter.”

Rose goes rigid. “…no I didn’t.”

“Did to! There were those-ah, what do you call ‘em, the horn-type things from the last book that waddled away and blew up! I mean, your spell didn’t have horns or whatever but it was pretty much the same thing!”

“A coincidence,” she says flatly, but the color in her cheeks suggests something different. “I’m certain J.K Rowling doesn’t have a copyright on common sense. Anyone would have thought of the same thing.”

“Riiiiight.” He leans forward to poke her in the cheek. “Whatever you say Miss Potter.” Poke. “Miss Granger. Miss Rose Granger.” Poke. “No wait, what was the kid’s name-?”

“STOP.” She wheels around to whack him on the head. “We are dropping the subject, and that’s final.”

“Aww, you even act like her!” He laughs even as she bops him yet again, and before they know it both of them are whacking each other and laughing. They’re overwhelmed with giddiness, half out of pure relief of being alive, half out of plain absurdity. Even Rose, shaking her head at the pure ridiculousness, laughs nearly as loud as John, unrepressed, almost joyful.
-John and Rose from A Rock and a Hard Place, part 4

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D.Gray-Man ♤ hitlerman - CAKE?

Whether you are here or not, I will always be here. You would do well to remember that.

-""Oh, joy," the younger sibling sniffs in disdain. "I just indirectly kissed an Exorcist.""
-Nea from Heretics

-"“What do you care?” Allen managed to croak, voice sounding severely affected and he wasn’t happy about that. The finger shifted to twirl around his tie, before moving away.

“Quite simply, I will always be here, boy.”

There was nothing touching him now, and somehow that was worse because he knew that something else was coming, but he couldn’t see or hear or feel—

The breath came first, hot against the front of his neck. Two hands gripped over his lower arms, and he could feel the way Nea was leaning over him without any other contact. It made him feel ill.

“Whether you are here or not, I will always be here. You would do well to remember that.”
-Allen and Nea from Chair Bondage

-"“If there is anything I can do, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Tokusa frowned. “Heavy words for one about to go off to a battle that may be their last.”

“We’re only searching for Innocence.”

“With the Earl hot on your trail.” Madarao snorted.

“I am not afraid of making a statement such as that, under the given circumstances.”
-Madarao and Tokusa from Conversation Worth Noting part 3
to do list ☂ food. love. world.

Kuu-chan has a sleep beam, doesn't she?

-"She cleared her throat and leaned on him more. "I tell you, it is more than a wife can bear."

"Let me pour you another glass."

"Please do. I do not see how I am possibly expected to accept such lewd behavior, as the legal wife."

Kagari poured, wondering when this had turned into a normal day at work for him, and laughed slightly. "For what it's worth, I intend to avoid as much lewdness as possible."
-Tsukiumi and Kagari/Homura from The Night Before

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Toby on Words
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Batman, Doctor Who, Firefly/Serenity, SGA


I look at Batman, fully expecting to be arrested for child endangerment. "Really, I didn't mouth off at him. I might've sniped a bit, but I'm Canadian. Our idea of a supervillain is the Hamburglar." – Ms. Edison’s Day Out by medie

"I am the Doctor, Theta Sigma, Last of the Time Lords, The Oncoming Storm," says the Doctor. "My crimes are uncountable. I have killed millions and committed genocide over and over and my hands are drenched with their blood. I have dropped out of the sky and upheaved the lives of so, so many. The Universe knows me and fears me. I am the destroyer of my own people and I was there on the day Gallifrey turned to ash." – And I must Scream by Starling Night,

Kinship by Dyce,

Jayne had a short but iron-clad list of things that qualified as Shooting Offences, which was headed by 'trying to shoot me' and then went on to include things like 'molesting little kids' 'giggling too much when killin' folk' and 'being too creepy, like for example cutting body parts off or out of dead folk even when it ain't for a bounty'. 

“There's something about a man who really believes that what an attractive, vulnerable young girl really needs is to learn to shoot everyone who tries to hurt her in the head. It's so... rare." – Inara

 He was good at getting himself into trouble, but sometimes he forgot how to get back out.  – Ten Trips Still to Be Taken by Atraphoenix,

It says something about the Doctor’s lifestyle that he has a special smile reserved for people who are pointing lethal weapons at him. –All the King’s Horses by Lindenharp,

Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose by  synecdochic

When he'd first gone to Atlantis, Rodney had mocked the military habit of saluting, because he'd never understood the reasons behind it. It had taken a while until he'd realized that all the bits of protocol surrounding a salute, all the times it's required or expected, are just draperies for the times when there's no other way to possibly respond. 

"So, we will not talk about it. You have a minion, I hear."
It makes Rodney laugh. "I think the politically correct term is 'graduate student'." 

Pokémon ☉ Entei used rapeface

"No, I'm not." He closes his eyes, and tries to breathe her in.

-"“It isn’t nothing.” Talking made the boy realize how thirsty he was, but he ignored it. He could melt snow later. He knew how to use a lighter—and with the oil he just filched, he’d be good for a while. No worries there.
“It isn’t?” The man didn’t seem deterred, shifting his hat under one arm, running the other through soft brown hair; which was slightly messy from hiding under a top hat.

Or at least the boy presumed. For all he knew, this guy had stolen the top hat—or at least had just put it on. Heck, what did he know about top hats anyway?
-The 14th and Lavi from Top Hat, part 1 [never finished]

-"“Owie, Yuu-chan! That wasn’t very nice!”

“Like I fucking
care,” the words were scathing, a little more than usual, “Don’t fucking do that.” It was like he was warding off someone who was just trying to become friends with him. Like they hadn’t been friends before.

Like they…hadn’t…

The smile was a little more forced this time, a little more toothy, “Can ya blame me for bein’ worried? Komui sent ya out so suddenly! Especially since we just got back from that last mission!”
-Lavi and Kanda from Too Little, part 9 [never finished]

-"Kanda blinked, dully, for a moment, but before he could open his mouth to respond, Komui cut him off, “It’s no use saying you do. Lavi?” Lavi raised his head a little, “You caught him, didn’t you?” An affirmative nod, “And how long have you been in here?”

“I’d say an hour, give or take a few minutes.” When in fact it was an hour, ten minutes, and thirty two, almost thirty three seconds.

“I see. And Kanda?” The man tensed, and Lavi knew it was coming before he could do anything about it. He could only sit there and watch as the words formed and fell out, “Do you remember anything he was talking about?”
-Kanda, Komui, and Lavi from Too Little, part 13 [never finished]

-"He doesn't have enough seconds to drink her in. He presses his fingers more tightly into the dip of her back. When he asks, "When I come back, will you still be there?" he really isn't kidding. She starts to grin, then pauses when he doesn't start laughing. She trips, and has to grab onto his shoulder to keep herself from falling.


"Because you're all I've got," he spits out in a rush, because she just needs to understand, "And. And really, if you're not there, there isn't much point."

He adds a little laugh, because she's starting to look scared. "Are you alright?"

"No." he almost feels giddy, "No, I'm not." He closes his eyes, and tries to breathe her in.
-Lavi and Lenalee from Ultimatum Indefinite

-"“Who are you?”

He didn’t care, after all. He just wanted to fill in. He just wanted to taste the wine. He just wanted to—

While he had him cornered. Because if he didn’t, then he would never have him again.

“Can you tell me?”
-Lavi and Kanda from Cornered, part 11

-"He had to say, the delay that happened between that sentence and getting kicked out of his own room certainly gave him hopes for Kanda taking up the offer."
-Lavi and Kanda from Aphrodesiac Lesson

-""Oh?~" And Lavi just found it all so damn amusing, "And why's that? It's not like Cross gives a fuck what you do now, right?"

Allen inhaled sharply, "Well…no, he doesn't. But," he paused, swallowing, "I
don't want to be like that! Haven't I already told you about the incident with the chocolate?"

They both shot him equally confused looks.

"I…haven't, then, have I?" Allen shrunk back from the glances, before immediately straightening up, "W-Well—you…I just…
stay away from alcohol. It never ends well.""
-Lavi, Allen, and Kanda from Bad Combination