February 26th, 2012


“It’s Windows 7, not sabotage. Companies generally update their operating systems every five years o

There had been very few truly magicless persons in the history of the entire human race, and all of them were a little...off. Strange. Not demon-strange, or magic-strange, because they were the opposite – they were individuals so grounded in reality that they were cut off from everything that could not be determined by the first five senses. Magic was in everything, however; every living creature (even nulls) had at least some form of innate magic inside them, in the beat of their heart. But nulls were deaf to it. Nulls were deaf to what made life special.

A high percent of the human serial killers – those who weren't bad magic-crosses with too much demon blood in them (which made them notoriously mad) – were nulls. Nulls were sociopaths, psychopaths, dangerous. They were incapable of connecting with anyone who wasn't themselves, of having outside interests beside their own selfish desires. Collapse )