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"No, I'm not." He closes his eyes, and tries to breathe her in.

-"“It isn’t nothing.” Talking made the boy realize how thirsty he was, but he ignored it. He could melt snow later. He knew how to use a lighter—and with the oil he just filched, he’d be good for a while. No worries there.
“It isn’t?” The man didn’t seem deterred, shifting his hat under one arm, running the other through soft brown hair; which was slightly messy from hiding under a top hat.

Or at least the boy presumed. For all he knew, this guy had stolen the top hat—or at least had just put it on. Heck, what did he know about top hats anyway?
-The 14th and Lavi from Top Hat, part 1 [never finished]

-"“Owie, Yuu-chan! That wasn’t very nice!”

“Like I fucking
care,” the words were scathing, a little more than usual, “Don’t fucking do that.” It was like he was warding off someone who was just trying to become friends with him. Like they hadn’t been friends before.

Like they…hadn’t…

The smile was a little more forced this time, a little more toothy, “Can ya blame me for bein’ worried? Komui sent ya out so suddenly! Especially since we just got back from that last mission!”
-Lavi and Kanda from Too Little, part 9 [never finished]

-"Kanda blinked, dully, for a moment, but before he could open his mouth to respond, Komui cut him off, “It’s no use saying you do. Lavi?” Lavi raised his head a little, “You caught him, didn’t you?” An affirmative nod, “And how long have you been in here?”

“I’d say an hour, give or take a few minutes.” When in fact it was an hour, ten minutes, and thirty two, almost thirty three seconds.

“I see. And Kanda?” The man tensed, and Lavi knew it was coming before he could do anything about it. He could only sit there and watch as the words formed and fell out, “Do you remember anything he was talking about?”
-Kanda, Komui, and Lavi from Too Little, part 13 [never finished]

-"He doesn't have enough seconds to drink her in. He presses his fingers more tightly into the dip of her back. When he asks, "When I come back, will you still be there?" he really isn't kidding. She starts to grin, then pauses when he doesn't start laughing. She trips, and has to grab onto his shoulder to keep herself from falling.


"Because you're all I've got," he spits out in a rush, because she just needs to understand, "And. And really, if you're not there, there isn't much point."

He adds a little laugh, because she's starting to look scared. "Are you alright?"

"No." he almost feels giddy, "No, I'm not." He closes his eyes, and tries to breathe her in.
-Lavi and Lenalee from Ultimatum Indefinite

-"“Who are you?”

He didn’t care, after all. He just wanted to fill in. He just wanted to taste the wine. He just wanted to—

While he had him cornered. Because if he didn’t, then he would never have him again.

“Can you tell me?”
-Lavi and Kanda from Cornered, part 11

-"He had to say, the delay that happened between that sentence and getting kicked out of his own room certainly gave him hopes for Kanda taking up the offer."
-Lavi and Kanda from Aphrodesiac Lesson

-""Oh?~" And Lavi just found it all so damn amusing, "And why's that? It's not like Cross gives a fuck what you do now, right?"

Allen inhaled sharply, "Well…no, he doesn't. But," he paused, swallowing, "I
don't want to be like that! Haven't I already told you about the incident with the chocolate?"

They both shot him equally confused looks.

"I…haven't, then, have I?" Allen shrunk back from the glances, before immediately straightening up, "W-Well—you…I just…
stay away from alcohol. It never ends well.""
-Lavi, Allen, and Kanda from Bad Combination
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