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Batman, Doctor Who, Firefly/Serenity, SGA


I look at Batman, fully expecting to be arrested for child endangerment. "Really, I didn't mouth off at him. I might've sniped a bit, but I'm Canadian. Our idea of a supervillain is the Hamburglar." – Ms. Edison’s Day Out by medie

"I am the Doctor, Theta Sigma, Last of the Time Lords, The Oncoming Storm," says the Doctor. "My crimes are uncountable. I have killed millions and committed genocide over and over and my hands are drenched with their blood. I have dropped out of the sky and upheaved the lives of so, so many. The Universe knows me and fears me. I am the destroyer of my own people and I was there on the day Gallifrey turned to ash." – And I must Scream by Starling Night,

Kinship by Dyce,

Jayne had a short but iron-clad list of things that qualified as Shooting Offences, which was headed by 'trying to shoot me' and then went on to include things like 'molesting little kids' 'giggling too much when killin' folk' and 'being too creepy, like for example cutting body parts off or out of dead folk even when it ain't for a bounty'. 

“There's something about a man who really believes that what an attractive, vulnerable young girl really needs is to learn to shoot everyone who tries to hurt her in the head. It's so... rare." – Inara

 He was good at getting himself into trouble, but sometimes he forgot how to get back out.  – Ten Trips Still to Be Taken by Atraphoenix,

It says something about the Doctor’s lifestyle that he has a special smile reserved for people who are pointing lethal weapons at him. –All the King’s Horses by Lindenharp,

Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose by  synecdochic

When he'd first gone to Atlantis, Rodney had mocked the military habit of saluting, because he'd never understood the reasons behind it. It had taken a while until he'd realized that all the bits of protocol surrounding a salute, all the times it's required or expected, are just draperies for the times when there's no other way to possibly respond. 

"So, we will not talk about it. You have a minion, I hear."
It makes Rodney laugh. "I think the politically correct term is 'graduate student'." 

Tags: batman, doctor who, firefly/serenity, stargate atlantis

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