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Kuu-chan has a sleep beam, doesn't she?

-"She cleared her throat and leaned on him more. "I tell you, it is more than a wife can bear."

"Let me pour you another glass."

"Please do. I do not see how I am possibly expected to accept such lewd behavior, as the legal wife."

Kagari poured, wondering when this had turned into a normal day at work for him, and laughed slightly. "For what it's worth, I intend to avoid as much lewdness as possible."
-Tsukiumi and Kagari/Homura from The Night Before

-"But he doesn't feel it, right now. Suffer, he thinks again, his dream catching up with him, and he lifts his cup, discards the dream toward the full moon, and thinks, No."
-Kagari/Homura from Everyday Everyman

-""So you're curious?" she shakes her head. "It's bad for you. It could kill you someday."

"Yet you smoke," he says, and leaves his hand out. "I'm going to die anyway."

Surprised, she eyes him. "What's this about?"

"Takehito says," he says, the words not touching his face. "Because of the adjustments that man asked for, I might never be winged, and if I can't be winged, I won't control my power properly. I'll die someday. Auto-intoxication."
-Takami and Homura from Natural

-""Ah, it looks like it's going to be a quiet night," Minato says; he doesn't sound displeased by it. "Kazehana went to wake Kuu-chan up from a nap, and I think she's been sleeping since--"

"Kuu-chan has a sleep beam, doesn't she?"

Minato laughs, delighted; it's a good sound. Kagari finds himself basking in it a little and grits his teeth, flushing.
-Minato and Kagari/Homura from Normal/Abnormal
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