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like it’s definitely pushing the boundaries of lady friendship

-"Rose and I have a Luke and Leia thing going on, not Donny and Marie and babe, are we seriously having a discussion about whether or not I've had sex with my own sister?"
-Dave from Bad Relationships: Dave

-"That was when you thought that Rose Lalonde was anything that could be solved. You know better now; Rose is all smoke and mirrors, endless refractions of light with no point of origin."
-Rose from Bad Relationships: Rose

-"You meet the most Amazing Girl.

You meet the most Amazing Girl and you capitalize it when you tell everyone.

You meet the most Amazing Girl in a park where she's strumming her base carelessly, eyes shut and cute little buck teeth kneading at her lip as she tilts her head back and forth the an imagined beat.
-Jade from Bad Relationships: Jade

-"You ask about her and he doesn't answer. Instead he kisses you and changes the subject. Two weeks later he's dropped out of University and booked a flight for South America."
-John from Bad Relationships: John

-"Good morning swim team ladies, you swim ‘em real good at practice, win us a big plastic trophy next week, kay? If you’re just joining us, like my sleepy-eyed mermaids waking up out there, let me paint you a verbal picture of what’s going down in the studio, and I do mean down. Imagine if you will a punk rock cyborg troll with absurd headgear crawling around on hand and aluminum alloy knee, scrambling after a pile of Prince cassettes he knocked over a minute ago. No copy of Purple Rain or That Retarded Symbol will escape his dragnet of the floor here. Can’t quite describe the level of dedication going into this task. Oh wait here we go, dude is crawling under my legs- hey watch the horns- to snatch up that- what is that? Hold it up, bro. New Power Generation? Yeah you just go ahead and throw that in the trash. And there he goes………..."
-Dave and Tavros from Broadcaste System, part 2a

-"“If you let me bleed out like… this… I will honest to god haunt you for the rest of your life.” And then its eyes close, its breathing grows shallow, and John realises that he’s waiting patiently for him to kill him."
-Karkat and John from Never Trust a Troll, part 8b (wip)

-"Uh… uhhhh. A very close relationship. When it seems like Kanaya is ready to leave, Rose stands and shoulders her small bag as well, and the troll walks over what John assumes would be a parting hand shake, or maybe a hug. If trolls were into that touchy feely kind of thing.

But his mind short circuits because it seems trolls must be
really into that touchy feeling kind of thing because Kanaya leans down close and kind of brushes her lips against Rose’s cheek and oh whoa John has to avert his eyes because his face is burning like crazy. And even though he’s a touchy feely guy too there is something more to this, like it’s definitely pushing the boundaries of lady friendship, especially when he sees the Rose girl holding on to the taller troll’s forearms and saying something really quietly."
-John, Rose, and Kanaya from Never Trust a Troll, part 11d (wip)

-"“You ripped that off from Harry Potter.”

Rose goes rigid. “…no I didn’t.”

“Did to! There were those-ah, what do you call ‘em, the horn-type things from the last book that waddled away and blew up! I mean, your spell didn’t have horns or whatever but it was pretty much the same thing!”

“A coincidence,” she says flatly, but the color in her cheeks suggests something different. “I’m certain J.K Rowling doesn’t have a copyright on common sense. Anyone would have thought of the same thing.”

“Riiiiight.” He leans forward to poke her in the cheek. “Whatever you say Miss Potter.” Poke. “Miss Granger. Miss Rose Granger.” Poke. “No wait, what was the kid’s name-?”

“STOP.” She wheels around to whack him on the head. “We are dropping the subject, and that’s final.”

“Aww, you even act like her!” He laughs even as she bops him yet again, and before they know it both of them are whacking each other and laughing. They’re overwhelmed with giddiness, half out of pure relief of being alive, half out of plain absurdity. Even Rose, shaking her head at the pure ridiculousness, laughs nearly as loud as John, unrepressed, almost joyful.
-John and Rose from A Rock and a Hard Place, part 4

-"“Karkat…” I feel like I’m breaking. “What’s wrong? Please.”

“I—fuck, don’t look at me, I—” You stammer and try to hide your face in the mattress. “Oh fuck me with a spike, I can’t do anything right.”

You’re scared. I can see it in the twisting contours of your throat, in the way your shoulders curl and hunch around you. I touch your face.

“Don’t ever say that,” I murmur.

“Fuck you, it’s true!”

“It’s so not and you know it.” My hand cups your burning cheek, and your eyes, at last, meet mine—bright gold eyes that are strange and beautiful all at once.
-John and Karkat from Lights, part 3

-""That's what, uh, I was saying," Tavros volunteers. "One of them, uh, talked to me, and he said, uh, he has, uh, three moirails."

Terezi blinks, impressed. "Kinky," she says. "Do they have multiples of everything else?" It's hard to imagine, sustaining that kind of intensity for multiple trolls. Sure, there are short-term black encounters when there's interfaction fighting or a particularly spirited prisoner falls into the legislacerators' grasp, but it's not as if they tend to get serious about that many trolls at once. You'd get unbalanced one way or another, and that's a quick and easy way to get yourself killed.
-Tavros and Terezi from Never Going to Save the World, part 3 (wip)

-"“OkAy,” says Gamzee, his face taking on a look of peace amidst the pain. “YoU kNoW sOmEtHiNg, KaR?”

“What’s that,” you reply, getting the feeling that he is about to say something incredibly stupid.

“sHiT’s GoTtEn ReAl FuCkEd Up SiNcE tHe GaMe EnDeD aNd aLl,” he whispers, and you have to lean in closer just to hear him. “BuT i StIlL tHiNk ThAt AlL oF uS mEeTiNg, BeCoMiNg GoOd BrOs AnD sHiT…”

You are now categorically certain that he is going to say something stupid. You begin to sob. His fingers twitch and he squeezes your hand back a little.

“wAs A mOtHeRfUcKiN mIrAcLe.” A ghost of a smile flickers briefly across his pained face. “SeE yOu LaTeR, bEsT fRiEnD.”

“Goodbye,” you whisper through your tears, and a second later his hand goes slack in yours, his head lolls to one side, and he is gone like the rest of them.
-Gamzee and Karkat from Karkat Survives, part 3b

-"TT: I beg your patience for one moment, I wish to get this completely correct.
TT: Ahem, alright, let me see. Ah, yes.
TT: How you like me now?
-Rose from Ridiculous Revenge

-"Contentedness is new to you, but it's warm and wonderful, too, and even as you growl and grumble and snap about how ridiculous he is, and how beautiful (he stopped objecting to the description at some point, though it still makes him grin all awkward and pink, it's fucking adorable), you feel an unfamiliar expression on your face.

Oh, right.

That's what smiling feels like.
-Karkat and John from The Sand and the Seashells, part 10

-"You hold onto him because you can already see him walking out the hospital door and never coming back.

You hold onto him because you don’t want to forget what this feel likes.

What not being alone feels like.
-Tavros and Gamzee from Complications, part 5 (wip)
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