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for the first time in her life, she wasn't fast enough.

-"There are no Knights in the real world, only scared kids."
-Dave Strider from Hold Your Colour

-""He socks him five or six times in the face before his knuckles split and he stops, Bro's nose bleeding and his eye squinting shut, and only when Dave's standing there over him panting does Bro meet his eyes.

"Sorry," his brother says with all the sad honesty in the world, and even with his face all beaten up like that, a smile still works its way into his eyes, proud and relieved to see so much intense feeling still in this kid he'd raised for so long.

Dave swallows. He's not used to seeing Bro's eyes, seeing all the transparent emotion hidden behind his shades, and Dave's knees give out too. "Yeah," he says, a little spooked that he had that violence inside him; guilty too because he's been mad for so long, so damn long, and it wasn't Bro's fault but he took it out on him anyway. "You okay?"
-Dave Strider and Bro Strider from Hold Your Colour

-"“M’sorry Sis- I couldn’t—”

“Fuck are you talking about Dave? Most epic. Battle. Ever… right?”

She turns her head, lips twitching into something she’d like to pretend is a self-assured smirk despite the blood trailing from the corner of her mouth. Dave smirks back, even though he starts to disappear halfway through it.
-Davesprite and Sis Strider from Last Battle

-"She leans forward on the balls of her feet, ready to spring--


startled and then, with horror, she knows and whips around to see a flurry of orange feathers and suddenly it hits her - really hits her that for the first time in her life, she wasn't fast enough."
-Sis Strider from time is relative
Tags: ms paint adventures (homestuck)

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