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“It’s Windows 7, not sabotage. Companies generally update their operating systems every five years o

There had been very few truly magicless persons in the history of the entire human race, and all of them were a little...off. Strange. Not demon-strange, or magic-strange, because they were the opposite – they were individuals so grounded in reality that they were cut off from everything that could not be determined by the first five senses. Magic was in everything, however; every living creature (even nulls) had at least some form of innate magic inside them, in the beat of their heart. But nulls were deaf to it. Nulls were deaf to what made life special.

A high percent of the human serial killers – those who weren't bad magic-crosses with too much demon blood in them (which made them notoriously mad) – were nulls. Nulls were sociopaths, psychopaths, dangerous. They were incapable of connecting with anyone who wasn't themselves, of having outside interests beside their own selfish desires.

When the War Fires Fade by  snowdarkred . [Sherlock BBC magic!au]

He was one of the chosen, of the truly powerful. He'd let himself be caught up in fear and doubt when he'd dreaded that his shameful Azkaban behaviour would be exposed. Now he understood the meaning of the lesson his father had intended to teach him all those years ago. To a true wizard, the world was whatever he wanted it to be. In Draco's world, he was not a disgrace -- could not be. If he said that he'd allowed Davies to fuck him because he'd wanted to, then that's how it had been. He was the one who decided what was true and what was not. He was in control of his past, present and future.

"No, don't leave yet," Potter said quickly. He lifted his right arm, as though intending to reach for Draco and stop him. "Please."

"How are you going to explain my presence here to whomever's at the window?"

"Whoever's at the window is an owl," said Potter. "People knock on doors."

"Goodbye to Yesterday" by Furiosity

It wasn’t the knowledge that was the best part. It was the potential for knowledge. I don’t remember the feeling of having knowledge, the only thing I remember is the excitement of knowing there were boundaries to push, that I could push those boundaries, that there was an endless void in front of me and I was setting sail into it for the first time. That was the best part. I don’t miss knowing things, not really. I just miss the inspiration that hits you, that moment when you realize that you’ve stumbled across something novel and beautiful.

Equilibrium by augustbird . [Sherlock BBC Flowers for Algernon!au]

“It’s Windows 7, not sabotage. Companies generally update their operating systems every five years or so.”

“The modern confusion between change and improvement is one I shall never understand,” she complained, moving to her desk opposite my own.

“I’ll talk you through anything that’s been too drastically improved,” I promised. Sure, we had IT guys, but they got stupid and non-verbal around Gard, staring in wide eyed determination at the monitor and at her face and being very, very careful not to look anywhere else.

Open invitation by Grenegome . [Dresden files]

"Harry, you idiot. If they had a contest for all the idiots in the world, to see which one was the biggest idiot, you would
lose the entry form. You have the self preservation instincts of a lemming."

-    Near miss by Beachkid . [Dresden Files: Gen + Dresden/Marcone]

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