(Conan was never going to look at a sundial the same way again.)

There was something seriously wrong with the world when a teenage genius couldn't finish a seven-year-old's homework. Not that Conan wasn't trying, but for nearly a week it had been just one thing after another. If it wasn't a body on the way to school, it was one on the way home, or in a case brought to Kogoro, or somebody dropping dead in the restaurant the one night Ran hadn't cooked.

Even the officers were starting to look as worn-out as Conan felt. It was just like entrance exams all over again. This body needed more sleep than he'd had time for, dammit - the only person managing so much as eight hours was Kogoro himself, and even he wasn't getting it all at once.

This time, Kogoro was catching his catnap up against a half-open sliding door, which led out into the garden the victim had been found impaled in. (Conan was never going to look at a sundial the same way again.) He fought off a yawn as he finished his spiel, brandished Kogoro's arm at the killer, and watched the police dogpile the protesting young man.

Finally, Conan thought, wobbling to his feet. Now maybe he could get the stupid worksheets done, and even - please oh please - catch a nap before Kogoro dragged them both home. He scrubbed a hand over his face as he went looking for a quiet alcove in the house. Two murders in a single night, what the hell was in Beika's water this week? Maybe Ai had the right idea... locking himself in his room until the spree died off was looking more appealing with every late night.

-From Inconceivable Ch.3, Detective Conan
Merlin ♛ socially retarded

I'm sure you only would have choked him a little bit. Nothing the Heimlich can't take care of.

-"Arthur’s name and his blood were rooted deep in Great Britain, in the land and stones and continuity of civilization. What part of him did not belong to Britain, he had given to Merlin.

A tiny hiccup of laughter bubbled up in his throat. Merlin had left him to go save the world, not knowing that the world was already scheduled to end.
-Arthur and Merlin from It's not the end of the world (but you can see it from here), part 2

-"Uther gave him a small smile and clasped his shoulder. "I know this is overwhelming, Arthur. We thought we would have more time to prepare ourselves. Just remember who you are—prince of your people, and a great king to be."

"King of nothing," Arthur answered. He knew the fear showed in his eyes, the bitterness in his voice, but for once he could not bring himself to care.

"That will never be true," Uther returned, fierce and regal as a king should be.
-Uther and Arthur from It's not the end of the world (but you can see it from here), part 4

-"He was about to groan in frustration himself when a pair of hands closed over his, relieving him of water and pills. "Here, let me." Merlin knelt on the other side of the builder and easily got his head up and the pills into his mouth. "There you go. Just a bit of water. All set."

"I had it under control," Arthur protested to hide his relief.

"Of course you did. I'm sure you only would have choked him a little bit. Nothing the Heimlich can't take care of." Merlin rolled his eyes and stood up.
-Arthur and Merlin from It's not the end of the world (but you can see it from here), part 6
Zexion/Demyx ♥ lost in his melodies

Axel had called him the Supreme High Jackass of Kingdom Self-Assurance once

-"Myde ran through the plan again. It was still too complicated. Ienzo's plans always relied on people acting a certain way, being predictable down to the flick of a wrist or the placement of a ladle. Myde didn't understand how they ever worked—but they did work. If Ienzo said that Nurse Porter would take three steps to the left, she would take exactly three steps to the left, no more, no less, not one backward or forward, or ever to the right. Ienzo said it was because people lived in patterns, a set of stock gestures that deviated only slightly to fit the given situations. The trick, he said, to knowing anything (maybe everything) was to watch—and memorize. Myde had been watching Ienzo. If he had a pattern beyond hating cold floors, Myde couldn't see it.

Sometimes he thought it wasn't that people lived in patterns but that Ienzo caught them up in patterns, that Jane took three steps to the left because Ienzo said she would. Sometimes Myde was sure the sky would fall if Ienzo just predicted its falling.

And sometimes when Myde looked into a heavy-lidded cobalt eyes he saw only darkness, pure, unbroken darkness like a great expanse of still, deep water in the night, like a promise fulfilled by the wrong person, what wanting would be if wanting could be made into viscous fluid, nerves, capillaries, keratin.

And Myde didn't understand.

Ienzo said he couldn't weave illusions anymore. But what Demyx remembered was that Zexion liked to lie.
-Myde and Ienzo from The Violet Room, chapter 7

-"Ienzo paced, the sort of reckless, blind pacing that never kept to a straight line. He sometimes got this way when relying on others—when relying on Demyx of all people.

Zexion had never been this way. Axel had called him the Supreme High Jackass of Kingdom Self-Assurance once (Ienzo thought about pots and kettles), but it hadn't even been that—it had been patience (or perhaps just the lack of anxiety) which bought Zexion immeasurable quantities of stillness, the clarity (or perhaps just the lack of anxiety) to watch his comrades dying and still think
Yes, they are all where I want them to be."
-Ienzo from The Violet Room, chapter 7

-"You knew you were in a bad place, he thought, when surviving didn't make you feel much luckier."
-Myde from The Violet Room, chapter 8
birds ☂ flying from your hands

capturing the intangible feeling of something waiting to happen

-"Arthur scrubs his eyes and washes his face before leaving. He also steals the soap off the vanity just because he can."
-Arthur from The Rubicon

-"He wonders, suddenly, how long he's been in love with Dom.

When his memory doesn't supply an immediate answer, he decides he'd rather not know. Too damn long, apparently.
-Arthur Fog's Rolling In

-"The look Arthur shoots him doesn’t even try for who, me? innocence; it bypasses it and heads straight for please, keep up with the program wickedness"
-Arthur and Eames from To Dream, Perchance to See

-""You're late," he said.

"You're welcome." Arthur stood and looked at Eames for a moment so peculiarly, he thought maybe the point man knew he'd seen them. Then, humbly, Arthur said, "Well...thank you."

"Oh good," said Ariadne through a mouthful of chocolate and pastry. "You've finally learned your manners."
-Arthur, Eames, and Ariadne from They Don't Pierce the Night

-"There have been many pictures with the three of them together over the years, some with snow, some with sun, some with other people, and some with none. But Cobb’s photo was the first, capturing the intangible feeling of something waiting to happen.

And oh, did it
-Ariadne, Eames, Arthur, Cobb from When I See Your Smile
Old Spice ☂ I'm on a horse

Except totally yes

-"He’s killed them all before, in dreams. He’s always gentle."
-Arthur from You're Loading Up Your Gun

-"“I’d never hurt you,” Eames says, and the terrible part is, he means it.

“You wouldn’t mean to,” Arthur amends for him. “You’d do it anyway.”
-Eames and Arthur from You've Got the Touch

-""Good idea, or best idea?" he asks Arthur.

"No," says Arthur weakly. "Just no."

"Except totally yes," says Eames.
-Arthur and Eames from 9AM
TWEWY ♜ Sho's evil laugh

looking at him like he just declared himself the Fairy Princess of the Moon People

-"“I think maybe… it’s worth it, to take the hit? Better to get hurt, when you know it can’t stop you for long, and just keep fighting for what you want?” Yet again, it isn’t trusting that Joshua won’t hurt him, but trusting that it’s going to be worth it, that Shibuya’s important enough that Neku can take the crap and work it out somehow. So now he knows Mr. H did some stuff, and yeah it still hurts but he’s gonna keep going and get through it. He’s gonna roll with whatever happens, and try to be the bigger man and so yeah now Kariya’s looking at him like he just declared himself the Fairy Princess of the Moon People.

“Yeah, okay. Optimism is for stupid people, I know. So now what?”
-Neku and Kariya from Signal to Noise: Boy with a Coin, part 21

-"Neku feels more than a little sick as he gets closer to Cat Street, because he’s trying to be outraged and angry instead of being scared. Afraid that he does know why they picked Minamimoto - because he was disposable - and in the end they’re not telling Neku anything because he’s really just the same. Maybe a little bit shinier, a little more useful. Who knows, Kariya might even feel sorry for him, for being too stupid to see it.

Is it stupidity or insanity, that Neku only hopes he won’t see it coming, if that’s really the way the end is gonna be? If he’d prefer Josh shooting him a thousand times over having to know the truth, over being dumped on his ass again, abandoned and left alone? It’s pathetic, but Neku can’t help it - knows that maybe the only reason they’re so good at lying to him is because he’d rather not see the truth.
-Neku from Signal to Noise: Boy with a Coin, part 21

-"“Could you turn it down a little? My Conductor’s not quite used to your… magnificence.”

It’s the first time Neku’s heard the word ‘magnificence’ pronounced like something to be prodded with a stick
-Josh and Neku from Signal to Noise: Boy with a Coin, part 21

-"Here’s something else kind of screwed up about him - Neku doesn’t really like friendly people, at least not right away. It always feels like they’re all selling something. Yeah, so it’s not exactly the world’s smartest instinct - Joshua was a jerkwad at first sight and look how that turned out - but even with everything he knows and what he sort of came here to do, Neku can’t help but feel a little suspicious"
-Neku from Signal to Noise: Boy with a Coin, part 21

-"Okay, so it’s not exactly high art - but hey, look at Hello Kitty, and ignore Joshua bitching that it’s not so much a mascot as a mental illness."
-Neku from Signal to Noise: Boy with a Coin, part 22
reality is overrated

"Being nice isn't the same as being good."

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c "My father," Narcissa said, "always said that revenge was a confession of pain. So Andromeda's complete indifference made the family feel that she did not care, that the family did not matter. It hurt worse than if she'd tried to create problems for our family, which she could have, after the first war."

c "That still doesn't mean that you ought to exert any effort in order to get revenge on him. If he's the type of person who has no conscience, your revenge will be ultimately futile. Live well, Draco. It's the greatest revenge."

- Good-bye to Yesterday by Furiosity [Harry/Draco]

And More Slashy Fanfic Quotes here.

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Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Buffy,


"Ron, you know it's not that simple. Not after what happened today. The whole bloody world isn't in danger of getting possessed by…him. Does this friend of yours matter so much that you'd give your family's lives?"
There was an even longer silence. And then… "I'd give him mine." - Harry Potter and the Battle of Wills by Jocelyn,

“Ask Fenric who had him killed by his own haemovore. Ask Sutekh what I did to him. You know,” she said, “it took him seven thousand years to die. As the Daleks what happens when you face the Oncoming Storm.” She gave her chains a sharp jerk, making them rattle. “Ask the Daleks!” Lazarus and the Lady by AmyWolf

“Seeing the universe means seeing yourself in the biggest mirror imaginable. What fills you with wonder? What scares you? What makes you run, what makes you fight? What do you fight for?" He smiles, and the corners of his eyes crinkle in a way that seems incongruous on this young face. "And, with endless possibilities, whom do you choose to be by your side?" - Bar Talk by Yamx

“I’m a practical man. I believe in gravity, Newton’s Third Law, and the Doctor.” – Captain Jack Harkness, Choices by RobinC

“You have three options in Sunnydale. Either you try to know nothing, believing in the bad rash of neck injuries and gang bullshit and live your life. Or you learn the way things are and figure out your way to deal with the fact that the bogeyman is real and lives under the High School. Or you find out the truth and go nuts.” - Once Upon a Night in Sunnydale, by Paradogz 

The Demon&#39;s Lexicon ☠ librarian

Nick knew that he was being allowed this, that it took a conscious effort for Alan to let him see

-"“I won’t hurt you,” Nick says, not sure if he’s reminding himself or reassuring Jamie, but he apparently finds it of some comfort anyway, because he looks at Nick with wary eyes before touching Nick’s finger with the tip of his tongue."
-Nick and Jamie from Bloody Appeal

-"A mix of emotions flitted across Alan's face, and Nick knew that he was being allowed this, that it took a conscious effort for Alan to let him see. But he did, and Nick could, and he quietly identified them - surprise, concern, affection, wicked glee. That last one was nothing more than a glint in his eye and Nick wouldn't let it bother him. Alan was very bad indeed at teasing."
-Alan and Nick Action and Reaction