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Quoting Fanfiction

for quotes big and small

Fanfiction Quotes
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fanfiction, original fiction, and book quotes
Quoting Fanfic is a community for posting quotes from fanfiction, original fiction, and even books, of every genre and fandom.

fiction is a lie, and good fiction is the truth behind the lie

What Use Is This?:
This community is meant to be a different way of making a rec list. Find quotes that you enjoy and read the stories they are from.

I started the community as a means to organize my vast and overpopulated collection of quotes from books and fanfiction. You'll find humorous and outright silly quotes right next to deep and thought-provoking ones. Basically just have fun and don't post smutty quotes and we'll get along just fine.

We have a tagging system based on fandom and/or genre, but that's about all the organization you'll see. I find that making things more complicated only... makes things more complicated. Stories linked here range from G ratings to NC-17 ratings even if the quotes themselves must be under R-ratings. Since I assume people can be intelligent and literate at any age, I'll just say that if you're underage be aware that you should check the rating of the story after you click the link to make sure you are reading age-appropriate material.

Suggested Format:
"write the line you're quoting"
-characterwhosaidit from storyquoteisfrom

Info Needed:
-quote (obviously)
-story's title, which the quote is from
-link to story (or author's name, or a way to find the story)
-tag it, whether it is fanfiction, or original fiction, or a book

-post advertisements for other communities or journals (that goes here: community_promo)
-post random entries that have no quotes (do that here: free_talk)
-bash other people's choice of fandom, genre, stories, or anything.
-post a billion quotes in one entry without a lj-cut.
-post R-rated material anywhere in the community. (quotes from R-rated stories are okay, the quotes themselves must not be R-rated)
-post spoilers for recently released stories without a lj-cut.

-post tons of quotes from every fandom.
-comment on entries with quotes you like, or stories you've read.
-tell your friends about the community. (don't spam them though, that's not nice D:)
-have fun.

If you are an author who doesn't want quotes from their story posted, please contact me on kitfallen and I'll start a list of authors not accepted, as well as remove your quotes from entries here.

If anyone has any problems, please contact me on kitfallen and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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